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Scott Bowers

As the newest addition to The Curling Store team, Scott brings 5 years of playing experience to the store. A longtime spectator but relatively new player, according to Scott the most important thing to remember when learning to curl is to make sure not to step on the ice with your slider foot first or you will most likely take a dive! Wise advice indeed but in all seriousness, Scott's love of the game, his admiration for the position Canadian curlers have earned in the world of sport and his eagerness to learn translates into top-notch service for all customers of The Curling Store.





Gary Worth

With 40 years of experience as a coach, player and instructor, Gary can be considered our resident curling guru. Not only does Gary love the rush of making a shot, the exhilaration of the physical demands of the game and the warm social atmosphere, what he admires most about curling is the strong spirit of fair play and the focus on fun.

Working at The Curling Store, Gary appreciates the opportunity to learn about innovations manufacturers are developing to improve the game for players and getting to test drive new products. In other words, Gary walks the talk - if he recommends a product, it's based on first-hand knowledge and experience. According to Gary, the most important skill in learning to curl is patience: "It's not Nature’s intention to have people sliding rocks on ice while attempting to control the result. The game looks easy and can be enjoyed at any level of play, but it takes many, many hours on the ice to achieve consistent success."



 Brian Rippin

Brian was first "swept" up by curling encouraging his daughters when they started to play the sport as kids. Over time Brian has grown from avid fan to knowledgeable expert. Truth be told, Brian didn't start to actually play the sport seriously until well into his 50's, which just goes to show that not only can you teach an old dog new tricks but that curling is a game for any one at any age.

Opening The Curling Store with his wife Jo-Anne almost thirteen years ago, Brian's main focus is to help people maximize their enjoyment of the sport by providing expert advice on proper equipment. Whether it's the appropriate slider thickness for a shoe or the correct curling glove for optimal sweeping, Brian's expertise will give you the winning advantage.

A true connoisseur of the game, Brian subscribes to the 60/40 philosophy of curling that is 60% of the game is spent on the ice throwing and sweeping and 40% is spent in the lounge, enjoying a beverage and socializing with other curlers.



Jo-Anne Rippin

As Brian's partner in crime, or should we say, curling, Jo-Anne loves the strategy and camaraderie of the sport. Not only are teammates supportive and friendly, it's one of the few sports where you may have three generations of a family playing on the same team. With 12 years as a player, Jo-Anne's experience ensures customers are outfitted with the right gear whether they're new-to-the-game or a seasoned rink rat pro.
With apparel becoming as fashionable as it is functional, she can even help you look stylin' on the ice.

Jo-Anne's top tips for beginners? Get fitted with the proper shoe and slider and don't be too hard on yourself as you learn to curl. Curlers love their game and they're happy to share what they know!



Michelle Rippin

Growing up curling means Michelle knows what it's like to play the sport from a kid to adult perspective and can offer great advice on equipment for every stage of play. Like most curlers, Michelle loves the community aspect of the game - you can be guaranteed to have your three team members cheering you on when you make a great shot but generally you can even count on appreciation from your opponents.

One tip Michelle always passes on to new players is to remember to stretch well at the end of your game. While curling is a lot of fun, it may look less physical than it actually is and if proper care isn't taken, it may take more than just a relaxing beverage in the lounge to deal with stiff muscles.




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