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A Thicker Slider?

Getting used to a thicker slider:

Whether you are a relatively inexperienced curler who has just purchased shoes with a substantial slider or a player with more experience who has moved up to a thicker slider, you owe it to yourself and your teammates to take some time to become acquainted with and confident in your new equipment before using it in a game situation.  Following are some exercises that will help.

The purpose of all these exercises is to train your brain to keep your sliding foot under your center of gravity thus maintaining your balance and achieving stability.  Standing on one foot or, more challenging, gliding on one skate are examples of keeping the supporting foot under the center of gravity and achieving balance.

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It seems that when a new curler comes into our store invariably they head for the brushes.  Why not? Brushes are shiny, multi coloured, they move, you can hold them in your hand, and most curlers, including the novice can sweep.  Even though they might not accomplish that mighty double take out every time, they can sweep their guts out, drag the rock and make a contribution to the team.


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Whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned competitive curler, curling shoes are an extremely important part of the game. The curling shoes you wear will have a huge impact on your delivery and ultimately on your success and enjoyment of the sport. Curling shoes are an investment in your game.

The decision can be a little overwhelming. There are at least six different suppliers of curling shoes who have three to five different models each. This can result in as many as thirty different products! It is not possible for us to carry this entire selection at The Curling Store, so we try to stock a good cross section of what is available.

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Not sure how to choose the best pair of curling shoes? Don't know what a grip or a slider is?

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